US Army Ranger, Killed on his 14th Combat Deployment

Sgt. First Class Kristoffer B. Domeij:


29 years of age and 14 tours of duty, 3 Bronze stars.

Iron Clad hero.

Rest in Peace sir.

A typical Ranger deployment is about 3 months and it mentions he spent a total 48 months in country, Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s a lot of time. Especally when you consider that on average, a Ranger battalion will conduct between 400 to 500 missions during a combat deployment.

Vietnam tours were longer, a full year IIRC, and there were guys that served multiple tours. I am sure some guys spent 4 years in country. Nonetheless, it is a reminder of just how long these so-called low-intensity conflicts are. There could also be some regular Army or Marines who have 48 combined months in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some units have spent a lot of time there on multiple deployments.

Holy crap.




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