The ZB-26 in profile, beard not included.

Momcilo R. Dujic a Dalmatian Serb priest and Chetnik commander who operated in the Dalmatia region of the Independent State of Croatia c1941-45. A controversial and confusing figure, after first fighting as a resistance guerrilla against them, he eventually worked with the Nazis and Italians as many Chetniks did, eventually leading the 3,000-man irregular Dinara Division under a royalist flag. He was accused of war crimes but never tried. He died in San Diego in 1992, active in the Serb community abroad. Am primariliy posting this for the badassedness of the early Czech model ZB-26 light machinegun (Yugoslav-contract ZB-30J) on his shoulder and not the man carrying it. This model eventually went on the become the BREN.

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