Rollin Fritsch


(U.S. Coast Guard Photo by Coast Guard Lt. Jason McCarthey/Released).

Coast Guard Cutter Rollin A. Fritch (WPC-1119) pauses at the pier in Key West, Florida, before heading to its homeport in Cape May, New Jersey, September 1, 2016.

The cutter was named after enlisted Coast Guard Silver Star recipient Rollin A. Fritch, who lost his life fighting back against a Japanese kamikaze pilot during World War II on the transport ship USS Callaway.

The USCG is building 58 of these 154-foot Fast Response Cutters which can make 28 knots and remain at sea for a week at a time. Crewed by 4 officers and 20 enlisted, they have a stabilized Mk 38 25mm chain gun forward and four M2 .50 cal singles but their main force projection is via a stern launched cutter boat that can be away with a five Coastie boarding team in seconds, ready to write up 4100s or grapple with narcos.

They run $65 million each and are set to replace the smaller 1980s-era 110-foot Island-class patrol boats (WPBs).


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