Take Care of Your Local Public Range

On the final day of 2020, the Bureau of Land Management issued guidance to its local, state, and district offices to preserve and expand recreational shooting opportunities on the millions of acres of public lands under the agency. When I say millions of acres, I should actually clarify that it is hundreds of millions, as BLM controls some 245 million acres, with some 99 percent of it open to some sort of recreational shooting.

This, of course, is a good thing as there are some 50~ million American sports shooters and hunters, most of whom are always looking for a good place to shoot.

This brings me to my soapbox. As someone who regularly visits a public range in DeSoto National Forest, provided by the USDA Forest Service, please, please leave it as or better than you found it.

For instance, this was the trash area at the Black Creek Range this weekend:

I cleaned up a lot of this and physically packed out my own trash as well as some other litter, but you get the point.

These ranges belong to everyone, so please make sure they are useable for your grandchildren as well.


  • Absolutely necessary, moreso in a time when our land mangers are understaffed and burdened by such misbehavior.
    In 1970, we received permission to use the police range, in Pittsburg, KS. We cleaned up every time we went shooting, and took along tools to repair the wood target frames.
    Soon, it was clean and clear, right for practice.

  • Range management needs to step up as well in some cases as well, why are dumpsters being allowed to get to the point of being overflowing with trash? Yes we must do our part, but at the same time we need to lean harder on people who are failing to do theirs, if this were any other forest service facility you can almost guarantee it would not be allowed to get to this point. All too often we allow ourselves to be treated as second class citizens when it comes these sorts facilities we need to learn to be the squeaky wheel to get the grease when it is appropiate, but we have become too used to keeping our heads down and not making waves.

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