Have a Spare Mk 1 Fire Control Computer in your Garage?

This thing:

If you do, the battleship USS Massachusetts (BB-59) museum wants to talk to you.

From the museum:

The Mk 1 Fire Control Computers that served onboard Big Mamie has been missing for decades and it is becoming difficult to find replacements to restore the plotting room without them. They were removed while the ship was in mothballs and then stricken from the inactive list. In time we have found two incomplete computers and even got one struck below into the Plotting Room. Both of these do not have their star shell computers on top either.

We are still trying to locate these items and need your help out there in the wide world of parts.

Rumor has it that there is a few floating around and one was said to be in the Michigan area, part of a Computer museum that went under. We haven’t been able to chase it down. So if you know of it or any others, please let us in on it so we can restore our battleship to a better exhibit of her past beauty. Thank you all for any help. Trying to keep history alive and well for everyone to enjoy is a team effort.

One comment

  • I worked for Naval Sea Support Center Atlantic . At our sister Command NAVSEACENPAC they had one of they computers on display at the HQ in San Diego. The Command is now called Southwest Regional Maintenance Center.

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