Going Quad

Quad stack, aka “coffin” mags have been around for a long time. While prototypes existed earlier, the Finnish Suomi KP-31 sub gun of Winter War fame ran one.

Winter War loadout: Reindeer? Check. Furry hat? Check. Suomi K31 SMG with a 50-round 9mm coffin mag? Oh you know that’s a check. Now that’s a reason for some smug self-confidence. 

Later, the SITES Spectre of the 1980s followed up on the practice at the same time the Russians tried to field a series of AK74 quads (later revisited by U.S. Palm a few years ago). Since then, Magpul thought about it while Surefire actually put it into production for the AR.

However, the metal-body Surefire 60-round quad runs upwards of $130 and doesn’t have stellar reviews.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve been watching the Schmeisser company of Germany (what did you expect, Fiji?) for a few years and have recently been working with some of their latest Gen 2 S60W mags, which offer a quad-stack polymer 60 rounder for about half the cost of the Surefire.

More in my column at Guns.com.

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