On the Road Again

So I spent the last week and change racking up the Delta Skymiles and Best Western rewards once again, filming new episodes of Select Fire for Guns.com.

These guys, Scott and Ben, are awesome. Yes, that’s me in the middle, looking somewhat more…vagabond than normal in my old age.

We were on the ground in Minnesota, spanning the length of the state for gun content. I ate my first Walleye (along the shores of Lake Mille Lacs), was amazed that the sun was still up and bright at 9:30 at night, posed with Babe the Big Blue Ox in Brainerd, shot some amazingly big handguns at Magnum Research, found out some amazing stuff (that I am sworn to secrecy over) at Maxim Defense, and hung out with thousands of student-athletes at the world’s largest shooting sports event in Alexandria.

How about this BFR in .500 JRH? This is, without a doubt, one of the finest and smoothest wheel guns I have ever touched.

Oh, yeah, and hung out at the GDC warehouse where I got to pour over 6,000 guns for a few days.

Yup, Colt Boa. Possibly one of the rarest serpents there is. Just 600 .357 Magnum-chambered 4-inchers such as this one were made for Lew Horton in 1986 only, and this one is immaculate.

So stay tuned for all that.

Much to follow!

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