Royal Guards in front of the house of Queen Lili’uokalani (known as Washington Place), circa 1891–93. In February 1893, John L. Stevens wrote in his despatch to the U.S. State Department that “there was no military force in the islands but the royal guard of about 75 natives, not aneffective force equal to 20 American soldiers. These were promptly discharged by the Provisional Government, except 16 left as the guard of the fallen Queen at her house.” John L. Stevens, United States Legation, Honolulu, February 1, 1893, Despatch 84, copy in Blount Report, 403–4. Pictured here is the “fallen Queen’s house,” Washington Place, and the guard of sixteen, plus their captain. Photograph by Hedemann, 1891–93. Courtesy of the Bishop Museum.

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