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Lost Tommy gun returned to town 80 years after Dillinger grabbed it

Ah the Tommy Gun, that oh so iconic piece of .45ACP hardware. It has graced innumerable cops and robbers movies, war flicks, and sparked the imagination of millions over its nearly 100-year existence. Which is even more reason why a small town in Indiana is happy to be getting its gun back from the FBI, via one John Dillinger


Auburn, Indiana is a quiet place of just 12,000 located in DeKalb County. Its serenity was shattered late night on Oct. 14, 1933 when the notorious Dillinger gang came to town and helped themselves to the state police arsenal and local police department there. Once inside the locked station, they made away with a pair of steel-plated bulletproof vests, three rifles, six pistols, over 1000 rounds of ammunition and one M1921 Colt Thompson submachine gun complete with a 50-round “L” drum magazine.

Well, 80 years later it finally came back…

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