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Pistole 80, is that you?

Over the past 40 years, the Austrian Army has used the same 9mm handgun. Adopted as the Pistole 80, Gaston Glock’s first firearm, a polymer-framed double stack that held 17+1 rounds at the ready, there has been no reason for the Bundesheer to replace it.

The Pistole 80 went on to morph gently into the 1st Generation Glock 17, which was first imported to the U.S. in 1986 but was short-lived on the commercial market, being replaced by the 2nd Gen G17 only two years later.

Well, Glock and Lipsey’s have teamed up to sell a commemorative Pistole 80– previously unobtainable outside of Austria– and I have to admit, it is very 1980s.

Features include:
-Gen 1 Single Pin Style Frame
-Pebble Grip Texture
-P80 Markings
-Smooth Trigger
-Polymer Front & Rear Sights
-No Front Serrations
-Flat Extractor
-“Tupperware” Peel Top Box
-Collectible Packaging
-Certificate of Authenticity