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I am something of a vagabond. A security consultant by trade, a writer by desire, a history buff by birth and a keeper of useless knowledge by design. The biggest thing about me is that I keep my head down, take notes and try not to get caught in the crossfire.

Christopher Eger is a first-generation American of Russian-German descent and has been a student of military history and hoplologist for more than 30 years.

He is a member of the Company of Military Historians, the US Naval Institute, US Navy League, the International Naval Research Organization, The Fiction Writers Platform, and a Mississippi State Guardsman. He is a security consultant to the federal government and author of more than 8,000 published articles, essays, and papers. He is a firearm and impact weapons trainer as well a less than lethal weapons instructor. He formerly worked as a corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 company, the department head of a county law enforcement office, and for one of the top ten defense contractors in the country. He a staff writer and naval consultant to Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine, and assignment manager for Guns.com. Christopher has been published in the magazines England Expects, Sea Classics, and Mississippi Sportsman, the newsletters Combat Forums and Strike First-Strike Fast and has appeared on Pacific Radio News on the subject of military history. He worked with a German documentary film crew covering U-Boats sunk in American water and a number of his works have also been republished in a variety of outlets.

He is currently working on a comprehensive English language book on the Russian Civil War as well as taking a stab at fiction while working towards his MA.

His novel about the upcoming zombie apocalypse was published in 2013 by Necro Press, entitled Last Stand on Zombie Island, which was followed up by a prequel novella.

In all, he has written or contributed to over a dozen books. A full list of his books appears on his Amazon page.

Chris believes that journalist and military historian Sir Max Hastings said it best when he stated ” A generation ago, people who wrote so-called military history were …chiefly in the business of describing which division went this way and that division went that way—the minutiae of campaigns-Today by contrast, people like me…are above all in the business of describing human experience. Which seems to us overwhelmingly the most important contribution we have to make about this instance of events.”


  • For a first book, yours is one of the better ones in the genre, Chris. It does not overplay the blood and guts typical of other zombie yarns. I was just wondering if you plan a sequel; most zombie books never detail what happens when the zombies rot away and civilization starts returning to normal; that would be refreshing!

  • I am almost done with the book and I love it…Great stuff, I need more like zombies need flesh..

  • 8 Jul 13
    Christopher — Doing research in advance of the planned MAT-49 live-fire photo shoot later this month, I found your excellent piece The MAT-49: The best gun France ever made?
    Loved the historical background you provided and even more so the archive pix.
    Any chance of arranging to “borrow” the portrait of Pierre Monteil?
    Assuming, of course you can grant permission to use it…
    If not, I’d appreciate a contact to arrange that.
    Most cordially, Robert Bruce
    Military Affairs Editor http://www.smallarmsreview.com
    804-769-7897 ( Virginia)

  • Interesting to see your blog banner head picture is the guns at fort Scratchly. These guns actually fired in anger during ww2. They were lobbing shells at a Japanese sub which had taken a few potshots at the BHP Steel works, they missed by miles and hit the streets behind Fort Scratchly. As a kid, these guns were in King Edward park, Newcastle’s public park over looking Newcastle beach.

    The guns are now a tourist attraction and are fired on special occasions. The fort Scratchly museum have applied for permission to fire them at midday.

    There is plenty of information on the web about the guns at Fort Scratchly.

  • Hello Christopher,

    On your page re USS Alarm you showed an internal photo, and said it was the 15 inch gun with shell.

    I think the photo shows the inside of the bows of the experimental torpedo boat USS Intrepid of 1874.

    The Alarm’s 15 inch Dahlgren was mounted on the deck behind the bow hatch.

    Like the later HMS Polyphemus the Intrepid had a torpedo tube mounted low down inside the ram. The pointed object waiting to be loaded is an early Whitehead torpedo.

    I am compiling an encyclopedia for my UK editor on the TORPEDO, and it would be good to have a copy of the photo to include in my book, if you are agreeable.

    Kind regards

    Roger Cook
    Website & Blog: rogerbranfillcook.eu
    Email: roger.cook801@yahoo.fr

  • Jordan Burnside

    Chris… best couple of zombie island free zones- Dauphin Island (right outside of Mobile, AL… Key West, FL… and Kodiak, AK. You’re the man. Just learn that the FN FiveseveN is key to survival. Much Love. JB

  • CE
    My grandfather was on the USS Colorado (ACR-7) in 1905. Am trying to find ANY literature, books, journals, that explain and detail it’s ports of call, missions, dates, etc.

    Also wondering best wat to find his military records from same era. Thanx.

  • Thank you for sharing the pictures of my SP 101, and thank you for the complements. I’m very honored to be mentioned in such a well written article

  • Christopher- surely you’ve seen this, but if not, worth a look! https://imgur.com/gallery/dVSnP

  • Manuel García García (Barcelona)

    Hola. Lamento no escribir en inglés. Soy Manuel García (Barcelona), autor de varios de las acuarelas de buque de la Armada Española. Gracias por su publicación. Si desean otros cuadros del mismo tema, con agrado se los enviaré. Indiquen una direccion de email.
    Ahora estoy trabajando en el cuadro nº 25.
    Un saludo desde Barcelona.

  • Manuel García García (Barcelona)

    Manuel García García-Barcelona. Si desean otras acuarelas de buques de la Armada, indiquenme una direrccion de email.
    Gracias por publicar mis trabajos.
    Un saludo.

  • Hello Chris,
    I am compiling a book for the 50th anniversary of my 1966 graduation from the Royal Australian Naval College and would like to use some of the images on the zombie island website, and now seek your permission to do so (assuming of course that you hold the copyright to them).
    I am willing to show you the drafts to date so you can see what I am doing.
    Best regards,
    Keith Gascoine

  • Nice blog/site, lots of info, and a good personal taste you have!

  • Cette photographie est protégée par un copyright, merci d’en signer l’origine par la mention : © Photo Marius BAR – Toulon (France) site internet : http://www.mariusbarnumerique.fr voir rubrique Boutique -> Navires/Warships https://laststandonzombieisland.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/94706a2ad7cc77263746a7ce45e15e37.jpg

  • Eric S Burgess

    Hi Chris,
    Quick question for you,by chance do you happen to know when the last organized White Russian Unit saw action? Ive found one from 1947 in Northwest China ,trail goes cold after that…
    Btw how’s your Russian Civil War book coming along?

  • Please continue this most excellent effort. It is ALWAYS the highlight of my day. It was nice top see the 499th BS as your topic yesterday. If you get bored, I have put photos of many of that squadrons’ a/c here: http://bathead.com/noseart5.html

    Again -thank you so much for your efforts.

  • I would like to contact Christopher Eger to ask him about the German artist Baumgartner, who he writes about. I am an art dealer.

    Many thanks,

    Anthony Crichton-Stuart
    Agnews, London

  • Just wanted to say “thank you” – I find myself looking forward to “Warship Wednesday” every week and generally enjoying your blog overall. Cheers,

  • I have a modle 55 swamp gun saw you were looking I’d like to send photos can’t find your email contact me jacobshearer100@gmail.com

  • Hi not sure if you know the person in the pic
    But there seems to be no credit to original owner of pic who is in the photo, who is someone I know

  • Stevie Ballard

    I am interested in a photograph you posted in a January 17, 2016 article about Juan Peron’s escape to Paraguay. It shows Peron on a gunboat as he flees Argentina after being ousted in 1955. I’d like to license the image for use in a television documentary. Any chance you can give me some information about its owner?

    Thanks very much!

    Stevie Ballardballardstevie@yahoo.com

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