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Atlantic Lands FEG HD-18 SVD Whales

So Atlantic Firearms just brought these in. Drink in this Hungarian beauty made by the same folks that made the old PJK-9 Hi-Power clone, which, in my opinion, was the best P35 clone ever produced.

I give you, the Hungarian Dragunov-18 Rifle:

Imported by B&T USA, they run a PSzO-1M2 4x optic, have the classic SVD-style wood furniture that looks to be oak (or, possibly Hungarian Black locust?), and come with lots of goodies.

The bad news is that Atlantic is selling these for $7,500 which is astronomical, especially as these are new production guns and not surplus martial pieces that never passed a military inspector’s eye. Still, the market will probably bear it as Russian-made commercial Izhmash Tigers from the early 2000s run $7-8K with collectors and even Chinese Norinco NDM-86s from the 1980s are pushing into the $10K region.

Folks just love SVDs….

Hopefully, some Pewtuber guy in the firearms industry known for his ability to corner the market on these Eastern European SVD types won’t buy all these up and jack up the price higher than a Chinese spy balloon!

Update: Annnnnd, they are all sold out.