fal sierra leone 2011

10 March, 2011
Waterloo, Sierra Leone

At the Armed Forces Training Academy, recruits are taught the skills required to be competent and capable soldiers within the Republic Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF). The training includes basic soldier skills as well as grammar and math classes.

At roughly 8,500 strong, the RSLAF is currently comprised of 3 Army Brigades, a Maritime Wing, Air Wing and numerous specialized units that provide everything from logistical to communications support.

Operation SCULPTURE is Canada’s military contribution to the International Military Advisory Training Team (IMATT) that is mentoring the RSLAF. IMATT is a British-led mission with approximately 45 personnel, with Canada being the second-largest contributor with 8 personnel. IMATT was established in 2002 following the end of a brutal civil war in 2001.

Photo by: Sergeant Matthew McGregor, Canadian Forces Combat Camera


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