Alexander Nikolayevich Pugovochnikov born 1886 former Nazi cossack colonel Royal Yugoslav Army Major White Russian Maj died 1968 NYC

This whiskered Cossack colonel is one Alexander Nikolayevich Pugovochnikov, who graduated from the Nikolaev Cavalry School in 1905. By the 1917, he was a colonel who saved his regimental standard and icons from being destroyed by red-armband wearing troopers– which ended his career even before the Bolsheviks took over. Fighting with Kornilov’s Volunteer Army by early 1918 as a private by 1920 he was again commanding a horse regiment under Wrangel. Moving to Yugoslavia after the Whites lost, he was a jockey in Belgrade before landing a job as instructor in the Royal cavalry school, helping to prep the country’s equestrian team for the ill-fated 1940 Olympic Games. Captured by the Germans in April 1941, within a year he was a volunteer for the German-raised 600th Cossack battalion fighting partisans. Finishing the war as a colonel (again) he gave the Soviets the slip and by 1949 was living in New York City, teaching horseback riding in Central Park. He died in 1968.

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