Colonel Georgy Georgievich Raukh

Colonel Georgy Georgievich Raukh. Born in 1895, the son of Lt. Gen. Georgy Otonovich von Rauch and Princess Golitsyna, he hailed from a family of Baltic nobility. After graduating from the Corps of Pages and the Nicholas Cavalry School, he was a cornet in the Cavalier Guards Regiment when the Great War started. Rising to the rank of staff captain in 1915 after he was decorated on the Polish front, like so many other young cavalrymen of the era he took an interest in aircraft and soon became a pilot. Cashiered after the Revolution and paroled after a brief stint in Kronstadt, he was fell in with the Whites under Denikin and, by 1920, was a 25-year-old colonel commanding the Consolidated Guards Cavalry Regiment, made up of former horsemen who had once been in the Imperial Guards. Thrice wounded during the Civil War, he made it to the West and spent most of the 1920s and 1930s employed as a Russian translator with the French Ministry of Foreign Trade. A ROVS member, he also published the Russian exile magazine Военная Быль (Military Story). He passed in Paris in 1971, aged 76.

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