Lt. Gen. Alexander Ilyich Dutov. Born in 1879 in what is now Kazakhstan, he graduated from a string of military academies in St. Petersburg on scholarship and by the Great War was a captain in the 1st Orenburg Cossack Regiment, later rising to colonel. Headed back home after the Revolution, he was named ataman of the Orenburg Cossack Army in Sept. 1917, just before the Bolsheviks took over. By November, he was one of the first counterrevolutionaries and, allied with Kolchak and the Czechs, was part of the push to clear Sibera and the Urals of the Reds, ultimatly leading a mounted force of some 6,000 horsemen. Falling back to Manchuria in May 1920 with 2,000 stragglers including many old men, women and children, he posed a threat from exile and in Febuary 1921 he was assasinated by a Cheka agent. He would not be the last White General to meet his end in a targeted hit while in exile.

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