Ivan Timofeyevich Belyaev

Ivan Timofeyevich Belyaev https://www.rbth.com/history/331364-russian-general-paraguay-ivan-belyaev-juan-belaieff was an artillerist and cartographer by trade, graduating from the Mikhailovsky Artillery School in 1893. Starting the Great War as a light colonel, by the time of the Revolution he was a major general on the injured list. After serving on Wrangel’s staff with the White Guard in the Ukraine, he ended up in Latin America by 1923 and, by 1925 under the name Juan Belyaev, had been appointed an officer in the Paraguayan Army. In short time, he had at least a dozen fellow White Russian exiles on the staff and was teaching at the country’s military academy. He mapped the controversial Gran Chaco region over the course of 13 expeditions, which played a big part in the Chaco War. After he passed in 1957, with a general’s rank in the Paraguayan military, he was seen as a messiah figure for the Maká tribe as he was an activist for rights and education of Paraguayan Indians, and was interred in a mausoleum on their land.

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