Wild Wind: Terrible War Movie

I like plumbing the depths of Amazon Prime’s streaming videos as they have lots of great old war/military movies free to watch online (e.g. King and Country, Star of Africa, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, A Bridge Too Far, The Bridge at Remagen, Catch 22, Pork Chop Hill, Fortress of War, et. al) and if nothing else, I will just have them playing in the background while I am working or doing other things.

However, they also have some unmitigated turds.

One of which is Wild Wind.

Made in the early 1980s, likely to try and riff off of Force 10 from Navarone as it has a very similar feel to it and was made at the same time, it is a Yugoslavian-filmed production that centers on Red Partisans and Nazi-allied Chetniks with a smattering of Allied and Axis toppings. It even has storied 1950s leading man and cowboy actor George Montgomery in what was his final film role.

However, the film is rubbish.

Weak story, bad performances, zero budget for SFX, and utterly filled with tropes. Don’t get me wrong, Tito’s Yugoslavia often rolled out the red carpet (no pun intended) for film crews looking to get that old-fashioned WWII feel– see the aforementioned Force 10 as well as Kelly’s Heroes— but the budget on Wild Wind must have been pocket change and no one bribed the right people.

For an example of just how bad this movie is, look at this screengrab from a “riveting” interrogation scene where the local SS guy is trying to get the secret U.S. OSS spy (chubby white guy with the Ancient Aliens hair) to confess by threatening the life of an innocent while a needlessly busty wench cackles in approval:

Wtf? Also, how about that wardrobe?!

Note that said SS goon gets his Luger, I mean Ruger 22, into play.

Come on, you are telling me there wasn’t a Luger or even a P38 available in Yugoslavia in the 1980s?

The scene looks like something more akin to a lurid cover from a 1960s pulp magazine than anything based on reality.

Pesky Nazis hiding out in South America was a reoccurring theme in 1960/70s pulp, as seen in this cover by Norem

They do manage to cough up a couple scenes of horse-mounted partisans, with Yugo M48 Mausers, but it’s just not enough to save it.

In the end, don’t waste your time. Save yourself!

One comment

  • Another one hour and 41 minutes I’ve wasted that I hope no one else does is Backdraft II. The first movie (and Ladder 49) are staples in every firehouse. We watched Backdraft II on a streaming service (can’t remember which one) and sat through it until the end hoping it would get better. It sucked. Even Donald Sutherland’s role reprisal as Ronald The Firebug stunk. He was more of a scholar than a nut. Terrible!

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