Lt. Colonel Hugh Straughn

Lt. Colonel Hugh Straughn, American hold out shown being interrogated Aug 1943 by Japanese troops. From Find a Grave: US Army retired colonel. Organised Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) which operated in Rizál. During the siege of Bataan, General Douglas MacArthur authorized retired Spanish-American War veteran Colonel Hugh Straughn to organize the FAIT in the southern mountains near Antipolo, Rizal. As MacArthur left the Philippines and Bataan fell, Straughn extended his command to cover all of the area south and east of Manila. His was the only large, unified guerrilla command besides Col. Thorp’s, and within the FAIT several other guerrilla organizations were born, including President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas (PQOG), Terry Hunter’s ROTC Guerrillas, and Marking’s Guerrillas. When Straughn was captured in August, 1943, most of these organizations became independent under their respective leaders. Portions of FAIT remained in tact under nominal control of “Col. Elliot P. Ellsworth” (General Vincente Lim) in Manila, until Lim was captured. Straughn and Lim were both executed by the Japanese.

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