Don’t Just Offer a Pink .380 to a Woman and Call it a Day

As a certified firearms instructor for the past 20 years, I have seen hundreds of female shooters on the line, many of which never touched a gun before one of my classes. Some of those women are my own family. Despite the going trope of offering a hard-to-control .38 snubby or a pink/Tiffany blue .380 pocket gun to woman looking to get into gun ownership, how about offering them a more standard line of pistols and see what they like, are most comfortable with, and shoot the best? For reference, my wife’s favorite is a Beretta 92F Inox while my 25-year-old daughter has used a P229R her entire adult life.

In a similar vein of thought, check out Lance Bombadier Natalia Hudson-Carrier and Gunner Georgie Jones, of the British Army’s 3 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, pitch in working their L118 gun during Exercise Cypher Spear in the below video. The light 105mm howitzer is known as the M119 in U.S. service and has seen extensive use around the world including, perhaps most notably, in the Falklands. 

In the British Army, the only Guards unit to feature women, King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, is made up of about half female soldiers, who man the battery’s Great War-era QF 13-pounders in modified Crimean War uniforms.

The U.S. Army, followed by the Marines, opened the field artillery MOS to women in 2015.

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