Achnacarry echos

The seven elite green beret-wearing Commando units of the French Commandos Marine (Jaubert, de Montfort, de Penfentenyo, Trépel, Hubert, Kieffer, and Ponchardier) number fewer than 1,000 operators all told, including their training pipeline. We’ve talked about these very well-trained Bérets Verts types a few times over the years, and for good reason, they have been getting it done since 1942.

Speaking of which, 50 French Commandos recently traveled to Achnacarry Castle in the Scottish Highlands to visit the location where tens of thousands of the Allied Commandos and candidates troops underwent training in WWII. There, they paid homage to their ancestors and teamed up with a group of Royal Marine Commandos to mark the occasion of the organization’s 80th anniversary with a ceremony at the Commando Memorial.

To this day, the Commando Marine wear their berets pulled to the right with the badge over the left eye – the opposite of other French military units but the same as today’s Royal Marine Commandos – in recognition of their origins.

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