Orel (“Eagle”), a German F. Schichau-built fast passenger steamer with accomidatuins for 390 passengers built originally for the Russian Volunteer Fleet, was the Siberian Military Flotilla’s most fearsome warship after October 1914 and would remain so until she sailed away in January 1920. Mounting eight deck guns ranging from 47mm to 120mm and capable of maintaining 16 knots, she was classed as an auxillary cruiser by the Russians. During the Great War she looked for the German raider Emden After the Civil War, landed her naval infantry at Singapore to suppress the rebellion in of Sepoys, and patroled from Hawaii to Bombay. She was sold after the Russian Civil War to an English shipping firm and, as the SS Silvia and later SS Haitan, would surivie in merchant service until 1950. Image from Yu.N.Trifonov, A.E.Volkov “Marine collection” 2007/06.

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