Don’t make me start buying rocket kits again

The whole SpaceX thing is just amazing and the Falcon 9 series is something that– I think– has revolutionized the current space program, giving a platform that is cheap and successful to both national security and commercial interests while being largely independent of NASA. In short, it is almost everything the Shuttle program tried to pull off but didn’t. Honestly, we should have had this back in the 1970s. If so, I’d think that human space exploration would be several levels higher than it is now.

And, just in time for Christmas, Estes has a 1:100 scale Space X Falcon 9 available, capable of hitting 300 feet.

I used to love Estes Rockets as a kid and I can’t imagine anything that would bring a sparkle to my eyes if I was still a 10-year-old than to get one of these.

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