Another Milestone from Ukraine

This recently from Oryx, the folks doing the very 2022 task of verifying both Russian and Ukrainian losses via photographs with location and vehicle markings in a war now pushing through its ninth month. Some 8,000 Russian vehicles have been accounted for either destroyed, damaged, abandoned, or captured, including 1,500 tanks. Staggering figures that haven’t been seen since Korea (or possibly the Yom Kippur War in 1973).

Of course, the Russians claim far fewer casualties while Ukraine figures are far higher, leaving those from Oryx likely to be those closest to correct.

Speaking of the staggering losses seen by Putin’s legions, most agree that the Russians seem to have forgotten the combined arms tactics learned so hard at Kursk and along the Eastern Front, contributing greatly to the amount of shattered armor left smoking on Ukraine’s roads. 


  • Who are Oryx? Who pays their bills?

    • “Oryx, or Oryxspioenkop is a Dutch open-source intelligence defence analysis website, and warfare research group. It is run by Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans. Both have previously worked for Netherlands-based Bellingca.”

      I know they have a Patreon that goes to Ukrainian aid, but other than that I have no idea of their funding. I don’t see them carrying water for Kyiv/Kiev as they dispel a lot of Ukraine’s propaganda.

      If you know of a better blog/group that reports only the visually confirmed losses in the Ukraine war, please let me know.

      • I am just asking who they are.

        To be honest I don’t believe anybody figures on the conflict.

        Thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

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