SIG Keeps Cranking the 210 Machine

SIG has added a new Custom Works P210 model to its catalog this month. With the Germans and Swiss no longer making the vaunted classic, it has been left to the American branch to keep the flame going on these single-action single-stack 9mm handguns.

The newest model takes the rather plain P210 Carry and dresses it up quite a bit, adding a fully DLC-coated slide with factory engravings, an E-nickel trigger, and a set of Rosewood grips.

Like the standard P210 Carry, it uses 8-round mags and includes a set of SIG night sights rather than the sweet target sights seen on other models.

The cost is likely to be around $2K.

However, lots of folks feel SIG missed the mark and should have made a double stack akin to a Swiss 2011, which would have turned a lot of heads.

Of course, I love the standard P210 Carry, and it handles great

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