Contested Logistics: Pacific War

This photograph shows four Vought OS-2 Kingfishers of Scouting Squadron 2 (VS-2) on Bora Bora. A Quonset hut is visible behind the line of trees and camouflage netting. Bora Bora, whose conditions were primitive in the extreme, was one of the Navy’s first logistical lessons in early 1942. It would not be its last (NHHC, UA 460.08)

Just published by the Naval History and Heritage Command is a fantastic 108-page pdf on the most unsung part of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific War- logistics.

One comment

  • Absolutely excellent find, many thanks. Great stuff, and a telling quote from page 13: “The Navy derived very few lessons from its deployment of vessels to the combat zone (in World War One) . . . it lost sight of the necessity to prepare for war, at bottom a responsibility of the civil authority, which was, as usual, abandoned in the face of public lack of interest.” And everything old is new again.

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