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Know anybody with some Oerlikon parts gathering dust?

They basically need everything you see above in gray…

I recently talked to Clark Perks, development director at the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial and he has an 888-foot battlewagon full of armament that includes nine massive 16-inch and 12 5-inch guns, but what they are missing is a complete 20mm Oerlikon cannon.

They have the gun itself, they just need the mount and shield and can work to fab one from an original if they could work out the loan…

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P.S. They just got their 40mm quad mount restored– and it even fires.

Feeling like a naval AAA mount or two?

If you have a problem with low-flying German Messerschmitts or Japanese Zeroes, Rock Island Auction Company may have just what you are looking for in a pair of naval AAA mounts.

As part of their May Premier Auction, RIA has both an original early WWII fixed-dual mounted AN-M2 anti-aircraft gun for those who like their “triple-A” in .30-06 as well as a hulking WWII Navy Oerlikon 20 mm cannon.

The Navy AN-M2 .30 Cal Navy MK II Mod 3 Aircraft Mount includes a rare MK 9 Mod 1 Illuminated Electronic Gun Sight

The working C&R Oerlikon 20 mm MK4 Naval Cannon has an original deck mount and gun cradle, though good luck finding 20×110mm RB ammo

More in my column at Guns.com

Keeping a 20mm Oerlikon combat-ready

In the past couple months, I have been corresponding back and forth with a chap in Ohio who owns a very operational and transferable WWII era 20mm Oerlikon.

I featured his cannon in a couple different articles over at Guns.com in the past few years and he really has to jump through hoops to keep it going.

You can’t just go down to the local big box and pick some up those huge 20 mike mike rounds. This stuff hasn’t been factory manufactured in generations. This leaves Alan to roll his own.

“I have to make it from modern 20mm x 102 cases,” he said. “I use my log splitter and a weldment to hold dies to form the cases. It’s a long process, but in the end I get 20x110RB brass and reload those.”

Here is him going loud at the Eastern Ohio machine gun shoot recently.