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Everything old is walnut again

Last week, everyone decided that Mossberg shotguns– which generally were sold with wood furniture throughout the 1960s, 70s, and early 80s but switched to synthetic stocks almost exclusively somewhere around the Clinton era– are better off in the original format.

First was the 590 Shockwave “Nightstick” model, priced at $539 MSRP, which is about twice what the standard Shockwave runs. Apparently wood isn’t cheap:


Then came Black Aces Tactical’s offering of birdseye maple and walnut furniture for the same gun as a $199 aftermarket option (on a $250~ firearm):

(Black Aces)

And Mossberg expanding the walnut versions to the 590A1 Tactical and 500 Persuader line of actual shotguns:


Shockwave-style shotguns, err, I mean ‘firearms’ now Texas-legal

While pistol grip only shotguns have been around for years, the newest idea is the 14-inch barrel “firearm” in 12 gauge that gets the job done without a tax stamp required. Traditionally, shotguns crossed over into National Firearms Act territory when they were under 26-inches overall and/or had a barrel less than 16.

Now, with guns such as the Mossberg Shockwave, introduced at SHOT Show earlier this year, and Remington’s Tac-14, debuted in April at the National Rifle Association annual meeting, manufacturers are taking shotgun-based systems still just over 26-inches long and mounting a 14-inch barrel and, as the receiver used was born a “firearm” and not a shotgun, it’s all good when it comes to the NFA– though some state and local restrictions on short-barreled or “sawn-off” shotguns still apply.

One state that has tweaked their law is Texas, which, is ironically where the Shockwave is produced. You can buy one effective today.

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