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The good, the bad, and the ugly gun news from behind the former Iron Curtain

Stumbled across this mash-up.

Pipe rifle? Han Solo send-up? 9/10 would buy if sub-$500 either way. 

The backstory on it is that it was found by Slovakian police and is about as homemade as it gets. Still, I kinda dig it in an apocalyptic armorer type of way.

While the collapsible wire stock and corncob forearm catch the eye, the milling on the receiver looks time-consuming but strangely reliable in an Iron Curtain kind of way. The optic looks like a Warsaw Pact PU-style scope commonly fitted to the WWII-era Mosin 91/30 sniper rifle. The magazine appears to be from a Czech CZ 452 series .22LR rifle, a caliber that is backed up by the card seen in the photo.

Romanian guns coming

As a slightly more refined effort at factory-made small arms from all points East of Bratislava, news also popped up (that I covered at Guns.com) of Century importing new Romarm (Cugir)-produced underfolding WASR 10s and PSL designated marksman rifles, the latter complete with shitty Warsaw Pact optics.

If you are a fan of Romanian AK variants, CAI has your number, just don’t expect 2001 prices

Meanwhile, from Russia (without) love…

And from the Motherland comes the news that the Russian-based Kalashnikov Group is working on the new AK308, an AK model in (surprise) 7.62x51mm NATO (wait for the purists to argue that .308 is not 7.62N and vice versa).

That magazine, tho…

With an empty weight of 9.4-pounds and overall length of 34.7-inches at its shortest with a collapsed 4-position stock and 16.4-inch barrel, the select-fire AK308 is roughly comparable to a stubby AR-10 variant, sans the Stoner lineage. Use of an optional side-folding stock enables the gun to compact down to a handy 27-inch package. Chances of ever seeing on on this side of the Atlantic? Nyet.