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NATO looking into the camouflage of the future

An international team of scientists from NATO member and partner countries met in rural Germany to carry out field trials on a variety of camouflage materials. The ultimate goal for the future, is creating camouflage systems able to elude hyperspectral cameras.

The above makes me think about the increased use in NATO of SAAB’s Barracuda system, which helps mitigate a post or vehicle’s infrared, thermal and radar signature.


More Barracudas systems across Scandinavia

Norway and Denmark have contracted Saab to provide both governments with more Barracuda static and mobile camouflage systems. After all, if you have limited numbers of vital military assets, the best way to avoid having them whacked by an aggressor is to hide them as much as possible. The Danes have used Barracuda for years but it will be a new acquisition for Norway, bringing to 60 the number of countries that use these.

Barracuda isn’t your grandpa’s camo net, as besides visual camouflage they offer to mitigate a post or vehicles near infrared, thermal and radar signature.