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What a Difference a Step Makes

Founded May 1, 1844, the Hong Kong Police lost its “Royal” designation in 1997 after the long-time treaty port was handed back to China. Now, some 24 years later, some Commonwealth traditions endure.

In 2016, a dozen Hong Kong Police sergeants graduated from a three-week British Army course at the Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick in pacing, colours, and sword drills, graded by some of the toughest Colour Sergeants in the Guards. They took the training back home and have enshrined it in the HKP’s parade work where four British SNCOs traveled and provided supplemental instruction to others.

Although PLA soldiers in olive green uniforms have been seen giving instructions at Hong Kong Police College’s parade ground on how to march in the Chicom goose-step fashion, the 33,000-strong HKP is planning to keep as much of its Commonwealth martial tradition as possible and will continue to keep its British Army marching style– blending it with the Chinese style on some public occasions.

PLA soldiers deliver marching training to police officers at the parade ground in Wong Chuk Hang. Photo: Handout

“At the moment we do not have plans to change our marching style,” said HKP Commissioner of Police Chris Tang Ping-keung.