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Pocket Wheelguns

When reading James Rummels excellent blog Hell in a Hand basket I was struck by his recent piece on snubbys for carry.

In it he related the next best thing to carry, tracking the evolution from the snubs to the wonder nines of the 80s to today. Looking for the Next Big thing…Problem is, I never outgrew my Smith, in fact the old warhorse often tags along with me

Below is my everyday carry  or in todays hip lingo, “my EDC”

Smith and Wesson Chiefs Special in 38 Special, circa 1947. Pachy grips added about ten years ago. Stoked with five Winchester silver-tips. If i need more than five rounds i probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Good a go?

A Bianchi inside the waistband holster, rough on the outside, smooth on the inside.

Horn Spyderco

Seiko Coturna World Timer

Wallet, keys, etc…

I never feel under armed.