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Help a goofy gun guy out? Vote on my stache

Hey guys, I got drafted into representing Guns.com in the American Suppressor Association’s Silencer Stache contest.

If you haven’t heard about the ASA, they are the trade organization for the suppressor industry and have really been working for the past few years on expanding gun laws concerning the devices nationwide, from a hearing protection standpoint.

Long story short, they are running a facial hair contest this month and I am running neck-and-neck (see what I did there?) with my opponent and could use your vote to put me over the top. So if you could give me an assist, I would appreciate it.

This F’N guy…

You don’t have to sign up for anything, join anything, or buy anything. You do have to vote in each heat (just scroll down the page) then enter an email addy at the bottom (feel free to use a burner one) to make sure you aren’t a bot, then click enter.

That’s it. Help me from getting shellacked! The contest is here. 

I thank you for your consideration.