Keep a USS Enterprise in the Navy

Name the next US Navy nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier, CVN-80, USS Enterprise


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To:  the Secretary of the US Navy and the US CongressA petition by the citizens of the United States of America, and particularly by US Navy veterans and their familes, to the Secretary of the Navy and to the US Congress to name the next nuclear powered aircraft carrier, CVN-80, the USS Enterprise.

The current aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise, CVN-65, will be replaced by CVN-78, the USS Gerald R. Ford after more than fifty years of service. The name, USS Enterprise, has been utilized on ten occassions in service to our nation since 1775 when a vessel was first named USS Enterprise in the Continental Navy during the revolutionary war.

The 8th vessel, the Yorktown class carrier USS Enterprise, CV-6, was the most highly decorated military vessel of World War II and the most highly decorated combat vessel in the history of the United States Navy.

This name has served with distinction and honor throughout our nation’s history and with the upcoming decomissioning of the current USS Enterprise, CVN-65, which was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world, we will be left without this honorable and distinguished name serving on the high seas in the interests of our nation.

We petition the Secretary of the Navy and the US Congress to establish that name again with CVN-80, the 3rd nuclear powered Ford Class super carrier so the tradition of honor and service may continue.


The Undersigned



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