Russia is just…scary

When I was in jrot-c back in the days, we would do close order drill with dewatted 1903 Springfields, target practice with .22LRs (beat up old Mossberg bolt guns), PT, and two days of Naval Science a week. In the summer you could go to “Leadership Academy” at the nearby Naval base for a couple of weeks and shoot .38s and do more of the former. Of course that was in the 1990s and from what I understand, most of the use of firearms has been replaced with airguns and rubber ducks these days. Well in Russia the junior military training seems to be slightly more advanced. Here is a video of the AK-74 assembly and disassembly stage of the “Patriot” competition held at many schools as part of their voluntary training courses. These kids are pretty good when you consider they are 14-17 year olds. Your typical U.S. kid has trouble plugging in their iPhone.

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