The GSG-41: Kel Tec shotgun that never was

Back in the old days George Kellgren, the man behind Kel Tec and its precursor, Grendel Arms, had an idea for a bullpup-stocked shotgun that was just 26-inches long overall and had an innovative high-capacity magazine arrangement that held a dozen rounds. Think you know this gun as the KSG today? Well, about that…

While you may know the KSG, there was a Kellgren-designed scattergun that predated it by no less than 17 years. Although Kel Tec was around in 1993, the gun was set up to be distributed by Kellgren’s other company, the now-defunct Grendel Arms.

This bullpup design pushed most of the action behind the trigger of the firearm, producing an overall shorter gun at just some 26-inches in length. Amazingly, this allowed the gun to keep a very adequate 24-inch long barrel length. A pump-action, the slide of the shotgun ended just short of the muzzle crown while the firearm’s trigger well was nearly centered in the frame of the weapon. Weight was just a very handy 5-pounds…

Read the rest in my column at the KTOG

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