The G36 tripping up

It looks like the Heckler and Kock G36 wunderschtuzen is stumbling and falling– due to accuracy issues.

German Kampfswimmers with the HK G36 underwater

German Kampfswimmers with the HK G36 underwater

As reported by German media:

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the controversial G36 rifle ‘has no future in the German Army,’ signalling the end of a two decade relationship between the army and the dodgy weapon.

In recent weeks the Defense Ministry had admitted that the rifle, which the Bundeswehr has used since the mid-1990s, has “accuracy problems,” specifically a loss of accuracy when the rifle gets hot – either due to the air temperature or sustained firing.

Then came a report from the UK that the weapon, used by British counter terror and domestic security units, is in hot water there as well.

A study found that, “when the atmospheric temperature reached 30C (86F), bullets missed their mark by about 50cm (20 inches) at a range of 200m (220 yards) and by up to six metres – about 20ft – over 500m (546 yards)



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