You’ve heard of Kotenly Island, yeah?

Up in the the New Siberian Islands located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea in the Russian Arctic is Kotenly Island. Discovered in the 1770s, it was so remote that Jules Verne used it as a setting for his novel César Cascabel in 1890, as it had only been visited by the occasional seal hunter or polar explorer.

In 1933 the Soviets turned it into a military base in the Arctic, and maintained it throughout WWII and the Cold War, using it as a way point on the Northeast Passage and a haunt of the Red icebreaker fleet and the occasional passing SSBN looking for some desperate shore leave.

In 1993 the Russians largely pulled out, just leaving a Met station and decades of trash behind.

Then in late 2014 they came back, certifying the airfield again for long range bombers and transports– and building wild ass bunkers for ground defense troops out of rusty Stalin-era 55-gallon drums.

Pretty interesting RT compilation video below

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