So this is a thing

ATI, who has been importing all sorts of stuff from everywhere the past few years is fast becoming a major player in the interesting overseas gun biz. I’ve talked to them at a number of shows and they seem to have a lot of irons in the fire in a good way (including a polymer 1911 and a .410 AR upper that I saw in New Orleans last year)

They have long sold a .22LR MP40 replica made by German Sports Guns, and now are rounding the bend on a 9mm version.

ati 9mm mp40

Of course, its semi-auto only, departs from the original in with the use of screws (rather than rivets) and polymers where possible, but its still pretty neat and if you SBR it the company will supply you with the folding stock. MSRP is $650-ish.

According to ATI:

Now that we know that the gun is importable officially, GSG & American Tactical will purchase the factory equipment and parts to begin production, this will take set up time.

American Tactical will be selling these through our distribution network so gun stores will be buying them from wholesalers. These guns will only be available for direct purchase via our website when there is overstock in our warehouse. It will be a while before there is any warehouse overstock, so your local gun dealer is the way to go to get one. There is no waiting list, unless you are one of our distributors (listed on our website) you cannot order one from us.

Our best estimate for delivery of the first shipment is 6-8 months right now, which is not a lock and is subject to change depending on production gear up and any potential issues that may occur.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out at their booth in Louisville in May.

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