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  • The Del Pilar class are in desperate need of anti-air, anti-surface missiles and torpedoes. This can be solved by installing a Mk 41 8-cell VLS directly in front of the bridge and then a Phalanx CIWS right where port opening is behind the main gun. I believe there’s enough room for both weapons system. Another Phalanx CIWS can be installed at the stern. Mark 46 torpedo launchers can be installed on both port and starboard side behind the Mk. 28 25mm cannon. Yes, this ALL COST MONEY but consider two things: 1. the Philippine Navy is already invested in this class and these ships can still serve for several more years. 2. China will remain a problem for neighboring countries so the Philippines is going to need every ship they have to fend off the Commie Navy. It’s a good thing the US Navy is there in the SCS.

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