They fought the LAW but the law won, or, Is that a LAW in your closet or are you happy to see me?

You know you laughed...

You know you laughed…

The last of three Washington State National Guard soldiers who swapped a live M72A5 LAW rocket and launcher among themselves after returning from Afghanistan has been hit with probation last week.

According to court documents, it all started in September 2011 when a woman, Sabrina Hale met with Pierce County Sheriff’s Department detectives in a park in Puyallup, Washington and handed over the anti-tank weapon. Hale told authorities it came from Victor Naranjo, a National Guard soldier. After the LAW was handed over to the feds, it was disarmed and found to be a Norwegian-made device manufactured by Nammo Raufoss in 2007 for the Canadian military.

How it came to be in a Puyallup park was the interesting part.

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