Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Vietnamese Navy

The sailing ship Le Quy Don (286), operated by the Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN), berthed at Pier 15, South Harbor, Manila earlier this month for a goodwill visit to the Philippines.

Onboard were 50 cadets from Vietnam’s naval academy headed by its Deputy Director, Commodore Phan Van Van. The vessel was under the command of Lt. La Van Tam.

The 220-foot sail training ship (STS) was built in Poland and began service in the VPN last year as part of a naval expansion and is rated to carry a mixed crew of 110 officers/enlisted/cadets. A three-masted barque with some 1400 m² in canvas she also carries an auxiliary diesel or, as known in this type of vessel, a steel mainsail.

She is named after the 18th-century Annamese poet.

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