Summer days in the South

Spent some time last week in Jackson at the Cathead Distillery (the only one in the state since Prohibition) helping to promote The Mississippi Encyclopedia, a 1,600-page scholarly reference work compiled over the past six years by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at Ole Miss and published by the University of Mississippi Press.

Did I mention it is 1,600-pages?

Of the 1,400 entries, I managed to contribute a few on military history subjects. The signing at Cathead was hard work, broken up by excellent beer and spirits, but it was an honor to converse and share space with some 30 other contributors including some of the best authors in the South– present company excluded.

I also got to watch a Mississippi Braves game from afar and see what 375 oak barrels of aging bourbon looks like, which is always a treat.

In other news, as the summer progresses, the hibiscus plants and cherry tomato bushes in the garden are working overtime.

Growing your own tomatoes are a great way to save $2.71…

Nonetheless, bring on winter. It’s friggin hot.

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