Hamada Browning

How about a rare Japanese Type 2 Hamada pistol, up for grabs at RIAC?

Designed by Bunji Hamada’s Japanese Firearms Manufacturing Company as a low-cost substitute for the Imperial Japanese military’s Type 94 pistol, the Hamada ended up as one of Tokoyo’s simplified “last-ditch” weapons fielded in the final days of WWII. After a two-year R&D period, just 2,200~ early Hamadas were cranked out in 1944 until production shifted to the even simpler Type 2.

Essentially a bare-bones copy of the Browning Model 1910 with a minimum of machining and internal parts fitment, these blowback action pistols were made in Hamada’s Notobe factory with tooling supplied by the Nagoya Arsenal and then shipped unfinished to Nagoya’s Toriimatsu factory for final inspection, finishing, and acceptance. It should be noted that the FN 1910/22 was popular with Japanese officers, with no less than 3,000 commercial Brownings shipped to the country prior to 1940.

The FN Model 1910, also known as the Browning model 1910, the FN 1922 and the Browning M1955 depending on the decade, was a .380 beauty. The Hamadas were unlicensed and very simplified copies without the distinctive streamlined dustcover.

Some 500 Type 2 Hamadas were contracted although it is not thought all of those were completed.

It is believed just 10 of these six-shot 8mm Nambu-chambered pistols are floating around today.

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