From Israel, with love

Israel Weapon Industries, the same people who brought you the UZI, Galil, Tavor, Negev, and others, now have gone full-on HK 416 with their new ARAD series rifle.

Wait, is that an HK416? Now, IWI ARAD

Designed for special operations and military use, the select-fire ARAD is modular, with the ability for the user to swap calibers in the field through quick-change barrel systems. Although based on the AR-15 series, the ARAD ditches direct-gas-impingement for a short-stroke gas piston operation, with a two-position (regular/suppressor) gas regulator.

It is set to be shown off at military trade shows in Europe and Asia later this year. As many have reported that HK is on the ropes as of late and is facing insolvency, IWI could be positioning themselves as a market alternative to the HK416.

Meanwhile, on the U.S. domestic market, the Israeli company is also ramping up sales and marketing of their Masada striker-fired 9mm handgun. 

First mentioned originally back in 2017, the handgun was shown off at overseas trade shows but was notably absent from IWI’s booth here in the states. Featuring a low-profile barrel as well as fully ambidextrous controls and enhanced ergonomics, the Masada is intended for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets.

Its size is almost a match for the Glock 17 while it has the benefit of being optic-ready and about $100 less, which could cut into Gaston’s profits.

Either way, IWI is far from being a one-trick pony when it comes to small arms.

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