E&E, Battle of the Atlantic edition

IMA just posted a couple of very interesting WWII U.S. Navy escape and evasion barter kits which were issued to aircrews should they be needed to help them buy their way to freedom in occupied or neutral countries. The kits, sealed in hard rubber boxes, contained about 0.9 ounces of gold in various forms (back when gold ran $25 an ounce) and the ones in the listing contain:

“5 coins and three rings as follows: French 20 Franc, French 10 Franc, British Sovereign, 2 British Half Sovereigns, and 3 Gold Wedding Band Rings (two at 20K and one at 9K). All designed for military personnel caught behind enemy lines to use as barter, the outside of the kit reads IF FOUND RETURN TO COMNAVAIRLANT (ONAL 34) NORFOLK, VIRGINIA.”

More info and pics over at IMA who has one unsealed and one still with its original seal intact. Apparently, these were sold by the Department of Defense in the early 1980s and sealed ones are extremely rare as the sets are not resealable.

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