Glad I saved my $29…

As a kid in 1986– in an age where action heroes were shirtless, spoke with an Austrian accent or a mumble, and carried a big fixed blade– I downright pined for one of these $29.95 specials every time I browsed the gun mags of the day while camped out at the news rack of the local T.G.&Y.

Glad I wasn’t able to cut enough grass to afford both a wildly addictive Testors scale model habit, as well as my nascent knife wanderlust. That tang-less 420SS thing looks like pure junk-o. But hey, it had a compass!


  • Wasn’t it about 1986 when T.G.&Y. Went out of business and its stores taken over by Walmart and KMart. Hometown stores taken over by monsters.

  • “Hollywoodization” make everything look good on the Silver Screen until it;s actually used in the Real World. Then it doesn’t perform up to expectation. But then again, having five or six of something to represent a single item shown it the movie also doesn’t hurt and seldom ever makes it out into the press that at least half of them Broke while making that specific scene…

  • My first straight knife was a 4″ Remington, probably a gift from my dad upon becoming a Boy Scout. Had the Cub Scout folding knife (lost to time) and still have my Boy Scout folding knife, and by now a bunch of others.

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