Someone May Have a Viable 50-round 5.7 Pistol

Following up on a resurgence in popularity for 5.7-caliber platforms with Ruger announcing the 57 pistol and Diamondback releasing the DBX large-format handgun, coupled with the new normal of parity in street prices between 5.7×28 and 9mm Luger ammo, and it looks like FN’s once very niche caliber is gaining new popularity.

Of course, FN launched the round in the early 1990s as PDW fodder for a subgun (the P90) and companion pistol (the FiveSeven). On the consumer market, the 50-shot P90 was unobtainium unless you went with a semi-auto-only carbine format (the PS90) while the pistol has sold modestly over the past couple of decades.

Now, it looks like someone has finally figured a way to give the public a gun built around the innovative FN P90 mag, but in a handgun size.


More in my column over at 

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