Army Listens Intently to the Joes, Shrugs

The new AR 670-1, covering the changes for the grooming standards in uniform, is full of good stuff culled from a 17-person panel of enlisted men and women.

Short take: Men get to wear nail polish. Females get to wear lipstick and have ponytails and highlights in their hair. The latter is great news as it happens all the time anyway. 

As for beards, the thing that the enlisted have asked for repeatedly for the past two decades as number 1 on the “want” list where it comes to AR 670, that’s a big, fat, nope.

Literally “a nonstarter.”

Sure, you can argue it’s for NBC/CBW gear fitment. A safety issue. However, we are talking about grooming in garrison– the same place where you see a guy in every formation rocking a shave profile for face bumps. Why not just do away with the profile and roll with the facial hair. Sure, it will mean a longer line for CAC cards as guys decide to move to and from the face fuzz, but there is always a line for CAC cards.

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