Some people have all the luck

Via the Phoenix (Arizona) Police:

Homeowners in a valley home were digging a hole for a tree when they dug up more than they asked for! They found a duffle bag with rusted rifles and handguns inside. They called #PHXPD and gave them to detectives, who will investigate if these firearms were used in any crimes.

The guns look to be a legit Colt 933– if not, it is at least an SBR– along with a Galil, a Micro UZI, and a MAC 10/11 of some sort. Curious mix. Would be interesting to see if they still work after their time underground, for overall cache purposes. I’d bet that of all the above, the Galil would be the most functional.

Keep in mind that guns left to the arid environment of the Southwest often hold up remarkably well. A case in point is the famous “Forgotten Winchester” discovered in 2014 leaning against a juniper tree in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park. The ammunition in the rifle dated to the 1887-1911 time frame.

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